Do I need a doctor’s referral/prescription to come to Bodywise?

Oregon allows direct access for physical therapy. This means clients can get physical therapy services without a prescription. If you choose to refer yourself to Bodywise, we will send a copy of the initial physical therapy evaluation and subsequent progress reports to your physician for their records, and to keep them up to date on your care.

Will insurance cover my Physical Therapy visits without a referral?

Most insurance providers cover physical therapy without a referral from an approved provider (see the list of who can refer you to PT below). Our office will contact your insurance carrier, and help you understand your benefits, but we recommend you verify your benefits as well.

If your insurance requires a referral/authorization, you’ll need to contact your primary care provider. They may issue a referral/authorization based on your call, or may require you to come in for a visit.

Medicare recipients are required to have a referral to physical therapy in order to have the services covered under Medicare benefits.

Click insurance for a list of insurance companies we are affiliated with.

Who can refer me to Physical Therapy?

  • Physician (MD, DO)
  • Physicians Assistant
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Podiatrist (DPM) – for lower extremity injuries only
  • Chiropractor – except for Worker’s Compensation and MVA
  • Naturopathic Physician

What should I expect when I call to inquire about Physical Therapy?

When you call to schedule, our office will do an intake regarding your diagnosis, or complaint, your doctor, and your insurance. We then contact your insurance to confirm your benefits, and will call you back, usually within the hour, to help you understand your benefits, and let you know which forms you will need to complete prior to your first visit. You can download these from the about section of this site, or we can mail them to you. If you choose, you may email them back to our office, or bring them to your visit.

Prior to arriving at your first appointment, we will reach out to your providers to acquire pertinent records i.e. surgical report, and imaging studies so that we are prepared for your evaluation.

What should I expect at my Physical Therapy sessions?

At your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will listen to your concerns, and ask pertinent questions about your history, current complaints, functional limitations, and goals. We will perform a comprehensive bio-mechanical examination, and educate you along the way about what we are seeing, how it relates to your symptoms, and what we will be focusing on to make improvements, and reach your goals.

Subsequently, based on our findings, and your goals we will recommend a frequency and duration of follow-up sessions.  These appointments are typically a combination of ongoing education, manual intervention, foundational postural integration, and movement patterning training related to sport or work specific functional activities. Please take a moment to view our website to understand the unique integrated approach we offer.

How long are the appointments?

All your visits will be 60 minutes, one-on-one with your PT. We do not hire aides or assistants.

Do you typically run on time?

We are very respectful of your time, and will always try to stay on schedule 🙂

What should I bring?

  • Insurance card (if you have not already emailed a copy to our office)
  • Referral if applicable
  • Loose comfortable shorts. We have some you can borrow if you don’t have any or forget yours.
  • Females – a tank top or sports bra for a neck or shoulder issues. We may ask you to wear a gown to be able to more thoroughly see/treat you.
  • Running shoes or the typical shoes you wear especially if you have foot, or lower extremity issues.