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So much about my experience with Bodywise can truly be summed up by the words body & wise. Megan’s ability to integrate clinical expertise while intuitively listening deeply to the language of my body has been such a gift. Healing has never been so educational. I’ve not only learned exercises and tools on how to take away pain from my body, but I’ve experienced how to sit with, to listen to, and to feel into my pain in order to become more wise about what I need as a whole person. Bodywise has inspired me to continue my work as a healer — always keeping in mind the vessel that is our body. When I leave a session- I generally feel taller. More whole and connected to myself and the life around me.


Megan’s work is thoughtful, ingenious, and caring. She’s an amazing listener and practitioner. She appreciates not only the physical and bio mechanical aspects of her clinical work, but also the “back story” or emotional qualities that often underlie the acute or chronic challenges faced by her clients. I’ve experienced tremendous improvement in my knee, but perhaps  more importantly, she has helped me to achieve a far greater sense of well being than I ever expected. She is truly Bodywise!


I can’t say enough great things about Megan. She is a healer, coach and caring professional. She has done wonders with my knee and shoulder issues. Megan makes it a ‘team’ goal to reach best possible outcome. To achieve this, Megan will ask pertinent questions, listen and teaches you how the body can work for and against itself. She takes a holistic approach in her care and focuses not only on the issue itself, but your entire body. With the combination of hands on therapy and exercises, I feel confident I will achieve a stronger and healthier body as a result.


I have been working with Bodywise for problems with my calf and hamstrings. I am a mailman and walk about 8 miles a day with much uphill terrain. I know that without Kana, I would not be able to continue the current requirements of my profession. Kana has always been friendly, caring and effective. I always look forward to my appointments. I urge you to make an appointment today to start seeing results tomorrow. Thanks Kana!


Bodywise is absolutely wonderful. I started treatment several years ago when I was going through radiation therapy for breast cancer. Kana knows the lymph system, and how to address my scar tissue as well. I feel confident and safe when in therapy at Bodywise.


Thank you Kana and Megan, for the many many tools you have given me.  I have had a number of different issues and Bodywise has helped me through each one. Always being flexible and easy to schedule. Thank you!


Jenn was super awesome in figuring out that my insurance would cover my visits so I could come to Bodywise. Megan was as amazing as expected in helping me understand chronic on-going neck and hip issues. Thank you!


I was staying with my daughter in Eugene and because of previous foot surgery, ended up with spasms in my back muscles. My daughter recommended Bodywise – I called them up and not only did Jenn manage to fit me in that very same day, she organized all my insurance for me so all I had to do was pay my co-pay. My therapist, did such a great job that I was able to sit in a car and drive for 9 hours the next day. They certainly know what they are doing, and Jenn could not have been more helpful. A very professional organization – I would highly recommend them.


Your staff is fantastic! They are efficient and full of energy (Jenn thank you so much for the ray of sunshine you bring to the office). In addition, the treatment is absolutely great! I couldn’t be more fortunate.


Bodywise is superb! Amazing compassion, communication skills and I’m getting results! Thanks!


Amazing! I don’t know how I could have progressed so well without you guidance. You made this whole recovery simple to understand and you gave me a good outlook on what to expect. Thank you so much!


Let me tell you about my great experience with Bodywise PT. As a middle-aged runner, I was constantly plagued with lower back pain. I was running less and less but hurting more and more. Bodywise helped me strengthen my core. Over a period of three months, my running increased and my pain decreased. I am grateful for Bodywise!


Thank you so much for all your help!  I feel like my life has been changed for the better, because of you all!  You have given me hope and inspiration to keep pushing everyday, and to never give up!  I will miss you all! Thanks!


Having going through mouth and neck surgery I never thought my life would be the same. Without putting someone on a tall pedestal, which is much deserved, I owe great thanks to the people at Bodywise for the magic they have performed to the neck and jaw muscles. I love you all, couldn’t have done it without you!!  Thank you!


My experience at Bodywise has been nothing short of wonderful. Everyone is amazingly friendly, and very professional. Thank you!


My experience at Bodywise has been nothing short of wonderful. Everyone is amazingly friendly, and very professional. Thank you!


I came to Bodywise in extreme pain, during a very stressful time in my life.  Everyone at Bodywise did an amazing job of helping me through my recovery process.  My first experience with Physical Therapy has been very positive, and I am leaving with a whole new set of tools to prevent future injuries.


Bodywise staff = Awesome Rockstars! Treatment I received was very effective.  Thanks for everything!


My Experience was excellent. My progress was steady. My Therapist was skilled, friendly, and effective! Thank you!


Two and half years after my car accident/whiplash injury, I was still experiencing chronic pain and relying on prescription medication to get through my work day. I’d been to five different physical therapy clinics, and no one was able to offer relief from my condition. Then I found Bodywise PT.  Megan not only created a physical therapy program for me, but educated me about how my body is designed to work. I am now pain free, and off all my medication. I have a greater understanding of how my body works and moves. I feel better than ever, and I am able to participate in all the activities and hobbies I love such as yoga, hiking, NIA, gardening, and sailing. Thank you Bodywise for all your knowledge, support, and giving me my life back.


The staff at Bodywise is professional, extremely knowledgeable, committed to excellence, responsive, thorough, and friendly to boot. They always gave me their very best. I know that I couldn’t be in better hands. Bodywise helped me regain my life. Thank you!


I started coming to Bodywise after years of back pain. I was diagnosed with degenerative changes in my spine, and bulging discs. My therapist discovered the cause was my leg length difference. With their help, I have avoided surgery, and I’m pain free! I have an active, normal life thanks to Bodywise. Thanks!


I came to Bodywise with a long history of hip pain, and many unsuccessful prior attempts to fix it.  It used to keep me awake, but no more, it’s all better! I used Bodywise again after my knee surgery. I was as was able to return to hiking hills, dancing, running, and yoga very quickly thanks to Bodywise. They are very friendly, professional, and effective.


I had a great experience at Bodywise.  The office staff was friendly and  efficient with my insurance. More importantly my PT was very knowledgeable, willing to listen and respond to my concerns.  My immediate physical ailments have improved, and I’ve learned how to prevent future problems.  Thanks Bodywise!


Working with the staff at Bodywise Physical Therapy has been a very positive experience. I came to Bodywise to rehabilitate from lower back surgery, and chronic sciatica. I was shown how to move, sit and stand to keep my back pain-free and safe. I happen to be severely hearing-impaired and found the staff very accommodating.  I would unhesitatingly recommend Bodywise.


I’ve tried them all — Bodywise is the best! I no longer have sciatica!

Jo C.

I pursued a consultation with Megan to address years of chronic hip pain that was limiting my function, and ability to enjoy exercising. Megan looked at my body as a whole, and was quickly able to identify the root cause of my issues. She did hands-on techniques giving me some immediate relief, educated me on self care/exercises, and gave me hope that I could actually overcome the pain; something the 3 orthopedic doctors I had seen previously couldn’t help me with.

Thank you, Megan for your wholistic approach!


The therapists at Bodywise have become my partners in a renewed outlook on life and passion for bicycling.  In contrast to consumption of medical treatment, or prescribed medications, Bodywise sessions engage and guide me toward an integrated path of increased flexibility and strength.  At any age or stage in life, but particularly as a military veteran at 67, that is a revelation, both emotional and physical.

Be grateful and smile – it’s good for you.