Cycle Oregon Testimonials

Great Job! In just a few minutes Megan identified a neck problem, did some physical therapy that immediately solved the pain and showed me some exercises to help in the future.

Megan is an incredible PT. She was able to zero in on the causes of my neck pain and offered instant results through the Graston Techniques and showed me exercises that will help with strength and increase flexibility.

Megan is so awesome! She can analyzed the problem so quickly & suggested amazing directive stretching to help me keep cycling. If she lived in Bend I would be her best patient.

Megan does a fabulous job, teaching educating and relieving pain. Megan provides a very valuable service here at Cycle Oregon.   Thank you!

I was having pain on the inside of my knee. Megan was very helpful, extremely knowledgeable. She gave me great information, exercises and was able to alleviate most of my pain. Thank you very much!

Megan was exceptional! She gave great advice & information. I’m going to make a regular trip to Eugene to become a client. Thanks for doing what you do!

Yes! What an absolutely ideal opportunity to truly understand what has been a life long chronic pain. You are the reason I was able to climb. You Rock!! Thanks!

Wow! Unreal, came in with hurt heel and Achilles pain with 12 years of hip pain. Did myofascial release on both, received heel lift and shoe postings. I’ll need more work but finally have good diagnosis. Thanks!

It was an excellent experience. I think she figured out what was going on with my hip/pelvis in a very short time. I have been to a chiropractor and messing around with this problem for many months. She came up with a viable theory right away, and an action plan including strengthening, exercises and a heel lift for a leg length difference.

Fabulous! Tremendous help! Megan helped me be able to ride again.


I had right knee pain. Megan quickly and effectively got right to the spot. I walked away with confidence.

WOW! Awesome! I was having back spasms and Megan’s exercises and manipulation helped tremendously. The tips on how this happened due to poor posture, give me the full info I need to prevent this in the future.

Megan, Thank you so much. Foot feels better and shoe fits better already. Excellent Service.

I feel so much better after just 15 minutes. I fell off my bike and hurt my shoulder and ribs; it was so painful to even walk. I got my shoulder taped, neck treated, and learned that the hunching I was doing was not helpful. The tape on my shoulder reminds me to stand erect with my shoulder held back and down. Thank you Megan for making my body and mind feel better- Relief!

Very helpful information on rehab for lateral ankle sprain. Kinesio tape helped to take swelling out of ankle and Megan recommended exercises/modified use to re-establish ROM.

Very helpful advice. Lots of insight on the origin of my muscle tightness. Would love to work with her regularly.

Great help from Megan to get my shoulder into riding shape. Thank you! I’ll be back…

Fast pace, informative, no nonsense approach. Thank you

Very Helpful. My first visit to PT. Sounds like it will improve, Thanks

I had a problem with my toes while riding, and so I stopped by the physical therapy tent on the off day. Megan the Therapist was about to close, but she took the extra time to check out my problem. She quickly diagnosed a fairly complex problem, and she provided temporary orthotics to get me on my way. Great service! Many Thanks.

My experience was great, really opened up my shoulder. I will be sure to follow up with a PT from home.

Excellent help with my shoulder. I can’t believe how much relief I got with just one session!

Megan is great! She not only relieved my pain but also showed me exercises to correct the problem.

I was having patellar pain on Cycle Oregon. Megan gave me a lot of good advice that I hope will help tomorrow. Thanks!

I felt better right away. I’ll check out the website. Thanks!

Very good. Megan helped with my shoulder pain on Cycle Oregon. Thanks Megan!

I liked the information she gave me and I appreciate being given exercises I can do later. A very good experience.

I stopped by with a quick question and Megan, despite the fact that she was about to close, took plenty of time to answer my questions, diagnose my problems and offer recommendations. She was knowledgeable and personable. It was an excellent assessment and experience. I really appreciate your being on Cycle Oregon, and for the advice and recommendations that you provided. Thank you for providing such an important service and for being so knowledgeable about your craft. I hope you had a great experience and had a fun ride yourself.

Megan thanks for treating the knee pain that developed while riding today. I will practice the stretch you showed me.

This was great! Good advice on how to keep the spasm from happening again. THANKS!!!

Thanks! Very knowledgeable! Able to quickly identify area of concern and has knowledgeable understanding. Then good follow up with active exercises to help myself.

Fantastically knowledgeable!! Super quick problem analysis and solution suggestion, by somebody who understands cycling biomechanics.

Great experience! Tons of useful info, in a very short period of time. Thanks much!

My left arm and neck felt like sharp pain and dead weight. I am amazed at how quickly I felt better. My head turns easier. The tightness is less in my upper chest. I didn’t want to stop stretching after the 5 minutes. I will be the person with the apple under my chin and the stick taped to my back and head. Thank you!

Megan-Thanks! Without the taping, I don’t know if I could have continued the ride. Cycle Oregon is extremely fortunate to have a person of your depth, knowledge and skill to address the injury needs of this “Army of Athletes”. With my shoulder issue, yoga, massage and the EMT’s couldn’t help me Thanks for the flexibility to work me into your schedule. Truly appreciated. Thanks for being a part of the Cycle Oregon, you are invaluable.