Foundational Posture

From the time we were kids, many of us were nagged by our parents to stand up straight, or not slouch, but there is so much more to it.

Did you know that you can sit and stand with very little engagement of your muscles?

Remember those little wooden animals that have the elastic string holding them together? When you press the button on the bottom, and the string relaxes, they collapse on themselves. When you release the button, the string becomes taught, pulls them back together and they stack up?

We are the same. Think of it like this; our elastic string is a baseline muscular engagement. Like a little buzzing action in all your muscles. This muscular engagement supports the joints in proper alignment, and allows them to have space. Without this baseline muscular contraction, we collapse into ourselves, and “rest” on our joints. This is what leads to early degeneration, and pain.

At Bodywise we are grounded in the principle of foundational stability beginning with the feet, and moving on up the body, aligning one joint at a time. We’ll coach you through how to engage the gentle “buzz” in your muscles, balancing, stacking, aligning all your joints. Before long you’ll find yourself integrating a felt sense of connectedness, strength, and stability throughout your body, and your life.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn to move your body fluidly and intuitively.
  • Eliminate those nagging aches and pains.
  • Prevent early degenerative changes.
  • Decrease your vulnerability to injury.
  • Have more energy at the end of the day.
  • Increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Bonus feature…Good posture parallels positive body language. As you shift yourself into better alignment, you’ll notice yourself feeling more open, present, and connected, and other people will be drawn to engage with you. 🙂