The practice of Yoga originates from India and the name from the Sanskrit “yog” meaning “unity”. It is a physical, spiritual, and mental practice that focuses on achieving the ability to attain a meditative state. Its growth in popularity in western culture has emphasized the physical aspects of yoga as a form of exercise for stretching and strengthening. The original intention, however, of the “exercise” portion, or of practicing the asanas (poses), is to achieve a physical state that allows for comfortable sitting, stillness, and breathing. This was meant to improve ones ability to meditate. In our society, and especially in Portland, Yoga has evolved from SIMPLY exercise, back TO its original intention of SHIFTING consciousness inward, and improving the mind-body connection through physical practice.

At Bodywise, we incorporate the restorative and rehabilitative aspects of yoga into our interventions. Combined with our in-depth knowledge of the body’s musculoskeletal, physiological, and cardiovascular systems, we integrate the various principles of yoga into treatment. Yoga, combined with physical therapy interventions, can improve posture, body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, AND RELEASE THE stress / tension that often contribute to physical symptoms.

We will guide you through, and modify the poses to improve your form, and help you integrate a felt sense of healthy movement patterns. This will make you feel more fluid, connected, and effective in your daily activities, as well as help you prevent future injuries.