Cycle Oregon

“The best way to sum up Cycle Oregon might be through the honorary title riders have bestowed upon it: The Best Bike Ride in America.That’s because Cycle Oregon delivers the best combination of scenery, challenge, amenities, camaraderie and philanthropy of any ride out there. A fun-loving mix of back-road riding and two-wheeled tent revival, our event moves from town to town with 2,000 or more riders enjoying generous hospitality and providing direct financial benefits to our host towns as well as cycling-related causes throughout Oregon. And it’s a new route, and a new experience, every year!”

I am proud to be part of the Cycle Oregon Team. Since 2008 I have had the opportunity to be their Physical Therapist. My role is to lead a stretching, and injury prevention class prior to the rides, and I work with the medical team offering injury consultations each day after the ride. I also respond to emails and calls from riders who have questions about resolving, or preventing injuries as they are training.

Try some of the exercises I commonly recommend to balance your cycling. You can also check out these videos I made to help you get on your best game to ride!

You can also check out some of the articles I’ve written for Cycle Oregon.

2017 Cycle Oregon has 3 events!

The Joyride, is an all women’s ride on June 10th

The Weekender event is July 7th– 9th.

The Classic week event is September 9th-16th.

Check out their website for all the details! Hope to see you out there.

Cycle Oregon Testimonials

Megan is a miracle worker!!! My bike was improperly fitted, and I had two swollen, painful achilles tendons.  It was painful to even walk! Megan stayed late after her last appointment, and was kind enough to work me in.  Afterward, I was able to walk with no pain, and continue the CO ride. I would not have been able to complete the ride if not for Bodywise.


While waiting for my lucky turn, I watched her work on several people with a wide variety of injuries. She was caring, highly professional, giving personal attention, and great advice that kept many riders on the road. I cannot say enough about Megan!


I met Megan at the Cycle Oregon weekend ride in Salem. While attending one of her free workshops, I mentioned issues I was having with my SI joint. She said she could help me and was absolutely right. In the past year that I’ve been Megan’s client, I’ve made more progress than the previous six years seeing various physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and sports doctors. For the first time in years, I’ve been able to work-out on a consistent basis. She teaches me what I need to do to be strong, and pain free and works with me at my level. One thing that really makes me happy is that Megan is much younger than I am and hopefully won’t she retire for a long time.~

Carol Woodman

Megan is amazing!  She is an excellent diagnostician, very knowledgeable, gets down to business, and gets you better!

Alice Blake MD

Thank you so much!  More care and expertise than I would imagine would be available at this event.

Glen Bolen

Megan is excellent! Definitely an asset to Cycle Oregon.  Great Advice!

Michael Jen

I have seen five different medical professionals about my running injuries (PT’s, sports medicine, acupuncture, etc…) and none of them picked up on my leg length difference that Megan saw.

Ben Drunker

Megan is professional and knowledgeable.  She spent time listening and assessing, then devised an appropriate plan for my needs.  She is wonderful!  Clear and concise communication, time very well spent with a professional.

David Weiss

Thank you for a wonderful quick assessment!  You really know your stuff.

Caitlin Campbell

Megan worked overtime to help me complete Cycle Oregon.  She is a life saver!

Marshall Jackson

Megan gave me an outstanding expert consultation, in only 15 minutes.  Thanks for the service.  I’d come see her again if I lived closer.

Bill Cappiello

Very well educated. She made my knee better right away.

Karen Olson

I work as an educator in the health field.  Megan was very knowledgeable and insightful in her assessment of my situation.  Most of all, I was thoroughly impressed with her proactive suggestions. She not only addressed my immediate problem, but made recommendations that would improve other activities in various aspects of my life. I highly recommend her.

April Crocker

Outstanding service! I couldn’t have done this ride without her.

Wade Owens

Megan is very knowledgeable, quick to zero in on the problem, and offers effective solutions.  I highly recommend her service.

Greg Hillyer

Fantastic!  Megan found a problem/solution that my regular PT had missed and it made a huge difference.  Wish I lived in Oregon to take advantage of Megan’s treatment more often.


I wouldn’t have been able to do the ride without Megan’s magic!  Thanks for keeping me going.  You’re awesome. I wish I lived in your area, I would love to see you on a regular basis.

Cindy, Reno, NV

Megan’s class was full of great information and techniques that helped me with my SI joint issues.  Her exercises are well explained, and demonstrated in a way that was easy to follow.

Carol Woodman

Your class made a big difference in my ride quality

Lisa Applebee

I was very impressed with the service and information I received from Bodywise while I was doing Cycle Oregon.  It is much appreciated.

Sharon Yap-Chung

Megan is very friendly, knowledgeable and personable. She did a wonderful job helping me with my knee issues. Much appreciated.

Dan McKenzie

Your class was very helpful and informative. I feel better already.

Adam Zielinski

Megan checked out my sore knee, and completed an insightful, analysis of my condition.  She gave me appropriate exercises, and added a heel lift to my right shoe to correct a postural problem. By the end I felt better, and had a good understanding of the cause of my knee pain.  She is a stellar therapist!

Woody Savage

I was having Achilles pain and my back was stiff.  Megan provided excellent treatment, and gave me great advice about stretching and improving my posture.  Thanks!

Paul Butler

Fast, efficient, and knowledgeable!  I love the creativity!

Laurie Mahar

Megan was concise and knowledgeable.  It was very helpful, I already feel better.


Megan did a remarkable healing treatment on my knee. Thank you for your help, without which I probably wouldn’t have finished the ride.  But I did  and I owe it to you! All the best!